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Your Questions About Virtual Doctor Visits

Created: August 1, 2019
Updated: July 23, 2022
This blog content is provided for informational purposes only, and is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

The promise of telemedicine being a key solution to healthcare’s many problems is now facing the reality of consumer feedback. Many consumers have heard of the availability of telemedicine, but have real concerns that are preventing them from using it. Let’s see how Care on Location has been addressing these concerns for several years now.

How does the quality of care compare to an in-person visit?

For many types of virtual care visits, the ability of the provider to assess and diagnose is similar to an in-person visit, but requires a slightly different approach to history taking and examination of the patient. Our providers are trained in using the technology and the patient themselves to complete an effective exam. Providers coach the patient in self exam, such as pushing on their own lymph nodes. Not only does this help the provider diagnose, but allows the patient to become better educated and engaged in their care. There are instances where the virtual exam is not sufficient for the patient, and our providers are trained to discern this, and how to best facilitate in-person care for the patient. 

What if the telemedicine provider can’t diagnose me, and I have to go to an in-person visit anyway?

There are some instances where telemedicine will not be able to provide the answer to a patient’s concerns, but it is a valuable role in the decision making process about the most appropriate, available, and affordable next step. Patients with true emergencies should always utilize emergency services such as 9-1-1 and the emergency department. Patients that are unsure of what care they need can utilize telemedicine to diagnose if appropriate, and if not, to be triaged to the appropriate care center. At Care on Location we understand Colorado’s healthcare climate, and utilize our geo-fencing technology to coordinate care for the patient. Telemedicine is generally the most cost-effective step for the consumer. In an era where emergency departments are over-utilized, our providers can help determine what type of clinic or hospital is best suited for each patient.

I’m worried about seeing a provider over the internet. Is my health information safe?

The government requires that patient identifiable health information is not shared. This requires a level of security when electronically transmitting any health data including audio and video data. Care on Location uses Zoom encrypted video software that is HIPAA compliant for all of our visits ensuring that patient data is secure.

Talking to a provider on a screen seems so impersonal.

The traditional days of knowing the town doctor have greatly decreased, but that doesn’t mean you should have to endure a faceless virtual encounter. Care on Location providers are trained in appropriate virtual care etiquette, giving the patient a comfortable and familiar experience. In addition they are local providers that understand Colorado and the nuances of healthcare in this state. 

I’m afraid of how much a telemedicine visit is going to cost!

Care on Location is proven to be lower cost than emergency department and urgent care center visits. Our services are free to Colorado Medicaid patients and $69.99 otherwise. Find our more information HERE

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