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Colorado Medicaid

Same Day Online visits

A Virtual Medical Visit Just for You

  • Private Video/Phone Visit with a Healthcare Provider
  • FREE for Colorado Medicaid Patients,  (except Denver Health Medicaid)
  • We Treat Children and Adults
  • Colorado-based, Caring & Experienced Medical Providers
  • Easy to Understand Follow-up Instructions

You can see a Colorado Medicaid doctor throughout the state through a video visit at no cost to you.  We are part of the Health First Colorado network, which is the state’s Medicaid program.  We encourage you to use a video visit over an expensive emergency room for your non-emergency needs.

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What Can we Do?

Care On Location conveniently provides and guides you to the healthcare services you need. What exactly does all this mean? Well, to break it down for you, we can help relieve and treat you for many conditions or help guide you to the next best steps in your care. Below are some of the urgent care symptoms we can evaluate:
* Fever, Flu-like symptoms, just feeling bad
* Nausea, vomiting, and indigestion
* Mild headaches, mild head injuries, dizziness
* Bladder infection symptoms
* Eye infections and irritation
* Neck, back, joint pain, various aches and pains
* Sore throat, toothache, sinus problems, ear pain
* Rashes, bites, evaluation of cuts and scrapes, burns
* Coughing, wheezing, asthma, bronchitis
* Test result and medication reviews, medical advice, and more
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**Care on Location is an online service and not a physical office. To find an office based Colorado Medicaid doctor or clinic please search HERE. Also note that we do not write for anything controlled by the Drug Enforcement Agency.


Save Time

Your time could be better spent taking care of yourself and your family, not on traveling to an Urgent Care or ER and sitting in the waiting room. Now you have a medical choice of seeing an urgent care medical provider without having to go anywhere.

Save hassle

Feel like you are running from place to place to find and get the care you need? We know you are busy. Worry less about missing work, finding childcare and transportation. Getting healthcare shouldn’t be such a headache. Get seen online.

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Delaying treatment can lead to some serious problems. If you are wondering if there is a Colorado medicaid doctor or provider near you, you have found one. Get convenient access to the care today.
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Our Care Team

Our team, made up of doctors, physician assistants, and physical therapists is dedicated to getting and keeping you healthy. We use nationally accepted medical guidelines to provide a level of care that is on par or exceeds what you would get from other care settings.

All of our Colorado-based team members have years of experience. Additionally, each provider is personally trained in the art of taking care of patients online (telemedicine). Every team member is board-certified in their appropriate field and has been background checked to assure that you get quality, safe care. So, you can trust that when you seek care from Care on Location, you are seeing top-notch clinicians with whom you can feel comfortable and confident.
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How Will I Be Treated?

With our virtual Care On Location team, we can identify the health problem that’s troubling you, recommend the appropriate course of treatment, and even send electronic prescriptions for pertinent cases. And since we’re available online right from your location, you don’t have to clear your schedule for medical support. All it takes to feel better is a wifi connection & a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Connecting to care:

To get the help you need, simply enter your contact information and time that works for you. Then complete the intake form. You will receive emails and a reminder text message with next steps.  10 minutes before your visit time, click on the link in your email or calendar for the visit and test your microphone and speakers. Have your thermometer, and any other important pieces of information ready. Your care provider will join you soon!
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During Your Visit:

Once it’s your turn to be seen, your care provider will join you on the video call. Providers are local to Colorado and have years of experience. You can trust that we’re ready to treat whatever issue that comes your way. Throughout your visit, you’ll be able to talk in real-time with one of our medical team members, use the chat feature to help communicate your symptoms, and even screen-share important medical records, pictures, and test results. And after you feel confident that we’ve identified your health issue and found the appropriate way to treat it, we can send any medically necessary prescriptions and even send over notes from your visit to you to share with your regular care providers.

Keys to a Successful Video Visit

  • Check your internet connection (a strong 4G or better is recommended)
  • Test your audio and video
  • Consider using headphones to maintain privacy and hear us better
  • Prepare your questions ahead of time
  • Have any home medical devices ready (thermometers, bp cuffs, etc.)
  • Have medical reports or pictures you want to share with the clinician on your computer desktop
  • Dress appropriately for your visit (for example, short sleeves if elbow issue)
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