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If you want to provide telemedicine to your community or organization, we’re here to help!

Why we do it

Making telehealth hardware is essential to Care on Location's mission to provide urgent care and general medicine for geographic areas and populations for difficult to deliver care locations. Our goal is NOT to replace existing healthcare, it is to help supplement it and help existing providers increase care to those who need it. That is why we built our own telehealth hardware that is built to connect anyone to care services, provider/practice/patient agnostic.
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Who it's for

You offer your care and expertise to your community. Sometimes you are the only care provider for miles.

Now have the supportive partner of ER trained doctors, NPs, and PAs via telehealth technologies. Improve access to quality medical care at the patient’s side, the back of the rig, or at the station.
  • EMS and Fire
  • Rural communities
  • Medicaid and Medicare
  • Visiting and home health nurses
  • Community Based Organizations

Our telemedicine hardware kits

Specially designed hardware kits for groups wishing to launch telemedicine in their community or organization. We are a resource for organizations to find and implement equipment to provide online video medical care. We have a successful model and love to share our expertise in helping others launch or expand their telemedicine initiatives.

We have knowledge to share regarding:
  • Telehealth hardware kits (MobilTEK)
  • Design and implementation
  • Telehealth software
  • Best Practices
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