Most people have experienced this frustrating scenario: You go to the doctor’s office for treatment or prevention services, and when you ask how much services cost, the answer isn’t nearly as straightforward as you hoped. We aim to change that.
A big part of owning your health is knowing how much services cost. Health care shouldn’t be so complicated. But, unfortunately, it can be. That’s why our Care on Location team wants to make this part of your life as easy as possible. We believe your ability to choose what’s best for your health shouldn’t be affected by how confused you are about how to pay for it. You deserve good health, and you deserve to have access to the people who can help you maintain that health. If you’d like to meet with one of our health professionals, we’re honored to have you! Here’s a look into what we offer and how much services cost — with nothing extra.
if you’re a Health First Colorado member, Colorado’s Medicaid program, and all of our services and offerings (not including dietary) are completely free!

Urgent/Primary Care

Cough and Colds Nausea and Vomiting Rashes Eye Infections Bladder Infections Back and Joint Pain (and many more!)
FREE for Colorado Medicaid
$69.99 self pay


(HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis) We can help you complete these HIV screenings every 3 months right at home or we’ll set you up in a local laboratory.
FREE for Colorado Medicaid
$69.99 self pay

Birth Control

Counseling and Management
FREE for Colorado Medicaid
$69.99 self pay

Pelvic Floor PT

Low Back Pain Pelvic Pain Painful intercourse Strong urges to urinate Groin pain Hip Pain (and many more!)
FREE for Colorado Medicaid
Not accepting self pay


$125 for the first intake visit with our dietician. Following appointments are $100 for 60 minutes and $50 for 30 minutes.

$125 self pay

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