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Care On Location’s goal is to provide quality healthcare that is easier to access,more affordable, and less frustrating. This goal is centered around embracing the technology of the future while honoring the medical traditions of the past.

Our Story

Dr. Jon Savage, DO
ER doctor, Jonathon Savage DO, observed patients, especially people with Medicaid, using the ER to access primary care services, either because they didn't have a PCP or couldn't get in to see their PCP in a timely manner. Knowing the ER was not the appropriate or affordable place to receive primary care, he struggled to find alternative places where patients could access the timely care they needed, especially accepting Medicaid.

Dr. Savage believed telemedicine was a great way to provide access to care that could be inclusive to Medicaid members and a sustainable way to offer care to all Coloradans no matter where they live in the state and what type of insurance coverage they have (or don't have). That's why in 2016, he started Care On Location.

Why choose us?

We know Colorado. Care on Location believes in empowering and providing patients with an inclusive care experience. Providing inclusive care to us means delivering high-quality care to any Coloradan; inclusively designed for any race, ethnicity, gender identity, income level, lifestyle, or culture.

Every provider on our team shares these values and works hard to provide personalized care with compassion and empathy.

We are driven to serve everyone in Colorado, particularly those who may not have access to care otherwise. Our staff and care partners are proud of the quality of service they provide. Don't just take our word for it, check out our 180+ 5-star reviews on Google.
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