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Care On Location’s goal is to provide quality healthcare that is easier to access, more affordable, and less frustrating. This goal is centered around embracing the technology of the future while honoring the medical traditions of the past.

Our Story

Dr. Jonathon Savage, Founder of Care on Location

ER doctor, Jonathon Savage DO, observed patients, especially people with Medicaid, using the ER to access primary care services, either because they didn't have a PCP or couldn't get in to see their PCP in a timely manner. Knowing the ER was not the appropriate or affordable place to receive primary care, he struggled to find alternative places where patients could access the timely care they needed, especially accepting Medicaid.

Dr. Savage believed telemedicine was a great way to provide access to care that could be inclusive to Medicaid members and a sustainable way to offer care to all Coloradans no matter where they live in the state and what type of insurance coverage they have (or don't have). That's why in 2016, he started Care On Location.

Why Choose Care On Location

We know Colorado. Care on Location believes in empowering and providing patients with an inclusive care experience. Providing inclusive care to us means delivering high-quality care to any Coloradan; inclusively designed for any race, ethnicity, gender identity, income level, lifestyle, or culture.

Every provider on our team shares these values and works hard to provide personalized care with compassion and empathy.
We are driven to serve everyone in Colorado, particularly those who may not have access to care otherwise.

Our staff and care partners are proud of the quality of service they provide. Don't just take our word for it, check out our 180+ 5-star reviews on Google.


Who We Serve

We bring ethical and compassionate care directly to patients wherever they are. We maintain our sense of humanity because we have been, are, or will be patients too.

We are proud to serve Colorado communities across the state, including marginalized communities, rural communities, LGBTQ+, and more. We accept most insurances, including Medicaid.

Video Care Consult

Pioneers in Telehealth

doctor during a telehealth visit with a mom and her baby via an ipad. stethoscope on table

We make health care more compassionate and accessible, especially for those that need it most. Care on Location accepts Medicaid, most insurances, and no insurance.  

We offer telehealth services in even the most remote parts of the state. We have also created hardware kits that other medical professionals and communities use to provide health care in rural and other difficult to service areas.

What Our Patients Say

Christopher Hilton
Christopher Hilton
Friendly service, easy to do appointments, live chat, and great service in health care without seeing your general doctor.
Lisa Langley
Lisa Langley
very accomodating service with plenty of choices for appointment times and their staff are friendly and knowledgeable. I definitely reccomend the Care on Location service!
Corey Myers
Corey Myers
It was going to take 3 months to get in to see a doctor and with Care on Location I was able to see a Dr. same day and have my issues addressed. Prompt, courteous and easy to use. Highly recommend.
Christy Ponder
Christy Ponder
Dr. Savage was great, I got appointment same day last minute and the appointment was on time... He was very mild mannered and polite and straight to the point... I definitely recommend Dr Savage
Maggie O'Neill
Maggie O'Neill
Dr. Gallo is amazing. One of the kindest, most thoughtful, genuinely sincere doctors I have worked with. She took the time to hear my concerns, provide me with a medication that I needed plus alternative ideas to discuss with my primary care doctor. I felt so heard and so happy despite being in terrible pain! 10/10, highly recommend. Thank you Dr!!
Made an appointment, had my call and my prescription was ready all in a few short hours. Dr. Savage and all the other staff here are amazing! My primary is impossible to get an appt with any more so having Care on Location is super convenient.
Chassity Santillan
Chassity Santillan
This service is super convenient and the doctor was beyond fantastic! Genuinely felt that he cared about my situation and was overall concerned about my well being. Thank you ❤
Denise Peoples
Denise Peoples
The provider was right on time and when zoom didn’t work she was able to pull ip another app for is to complete the appointment.
Amanda Gesell
Amanda Gesell
Daniel Leman PA-C was absolutely awesome to work with. He was thorough and timely. He listened well and gave great advice and feedback. The convenience of this visit was amazing. I did it from my desk at work on my lunch break. Highly recommend Care On Location
Brian Midtbo
Brian Midtbo
I can’t say enough about this group. I have been using Care on Location for about 4 years. They are so professional, courtesy, and efficient. I can’t imagine getting the majority of my health care any other way. I highly recommend

Our Values

We pride ourselves and hold ourselves and our team accountable for:

  1. Seeking to transform healthcare for the better
  2. Taking a humanistic approach to patients, employees, and clients
  3. Acting ethically and with integrity
  4. Harnessing technology and innovation appropriately to pursue our mission
  5. Incorporating inquisitiveness, resilience, and flexibility into our approach to problem-solving
  6. Encouraging an enjoyable, sustainable, and balanced life
  7. Persistence in maintaining our values and mission

Our commitment to the highest quality care has been our focus from day one, and it continues to this day. Care on Location has achieved its present position in the community because of the quality of care we provide. We expect to continue to evolve and expand in the years ahead.

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Care on!

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