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What we do

Care on Location provides online medical video visits for people throughout Colorado. Our team also works with primary and specialty medical offices, clinics & facilities to extend care service availability.  For those needing more than a video visit, we strive to connect you to the most appropriate, affordable, and available in-person resource through our care-mapping software.

Urgent Care Video Visits

Opiate Addiction Treatment (Tele-MAT)

(Coming Soon)

HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (Tele-PrEP)

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Children and Adults
Living in or visiting Colorado


Urgent Care Video Consults
Tele-MAT / Tele-PrEP


10a – 6p M,W,F


Video Consults:
Available State-wide


We believe healthcare should be more accessible, convenient, and cost-effective.


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What health issues and conditions can we treat?

Care On Location is the convenient virtual alternative to urgent care and after-hours clinics, treating similar issues you would seek their services for. What exactly does all this mean? Well, to break it down for you, we can help relieve and treat these common issues & symptoms:

 Fever, Flu-like symptoms, just feeling bad

Mild Headaches and head injuries, dizziness

 Eye infections and irritation

 Sore throat, toothache, sinus infection, ear pain

 Coughing, wheezing, asthma, bronchitis

  Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and indigestion

 Bladder infection symptoms

   Neck, back, joint pain, various aches and pains

 Rashes, bites, evaluation of cuts & scrapes, burns

   Test result & medication reviews, medical advice, and more

**Care on Location is not a primary doctor/clinic for any chronic health issues.  To find an office based Colorado Medicaid doctor or clinic please search HERE. Also note that we do not write for anything controlled by the Drug Enforcement Agency.