Changing Medicine with Telehealth Care: How Can We Help You?


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urgent care and general medicine telehealth and video calls in Colorado

Urgent Care + General Medicine

When you need to be seen for urgent conditions or general medical issues but are unsure where to go, Care On Location can provide you personal care via online video appointments. Our skilled and experienced staff can put you at ease and help you from wherever you are.
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Specialty care in select areas

Care on Location also offers specialty care in Mental Health, Gender-Affirming Care, and Family Planning and Sexual Health. We are here to provide help with what you need in a caring, trusting environment.

How to Get Care

Step 1


Look at our list of healthcare providers and choose the provider you wish or choose the next available provider (recommended for urgent care). Book your appointment based on the choices shown (specialty, method of payment, first time or returning visit).

Step 2

Get Care

You will receive instructions for connecting to your appointment online. See your provider and get your questions answered, receive advice, resources, and what to do next.

Step 3

Get better

Schedule follow-up appointments if necessary, connect with suggested labs or other services if needed, and rest assured you received the highest quality of care from healthcare providers who care and can be trusted.

Convenient Care You Can Trust

Why wait for days or have to leave the house when you are sick? Many times it’s impossible to see your primary care doctor on the same day, but you definitely don’t want the inconvenience and expense of going to the ER. Care on Location delivers high-quality medical care via telehealth. Believe us when we say we have this system down – from scheduling through receiving care. Our patients have given us over a hundred 5-Star reviews. You can trust us. We’ve got your back. And your front. And even your insides. Give us a try!
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Why Care on Location?

We know

We have a staff of medical professionals with excellent credentials and knowledge. Most of all, they care—and it shows. We are all dedicated to serving people and places that often get lost in the mix—that doesn’t happen here.

We know

Living in Colorado ourselves, we take caring for our fellow Coloradans seriously. We have resources and information that is relevant and helpful for the communities you live in to continue your care.

We know

We are pioneers in telehealth and firm believers in this system as an idea whose time is firmly here. Not only during Covid19, but as a strong, ongoing way of providing services to patients.

We know

Care On Location knows that you may struggle with finding care, feeling comfortable with the way you are treated certain places and in certain situations, or wondering how you’re going to afford care. We make access easy and affordable and give complete care to each patient individually.
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What our patients are saying...

  • I was able to get the help I needed and it was so easy! I truly felt like I got great treatment. And I was able to get my meds right away. And I am already starting to feel better! 10/10 would recommend!
    –Kristi S.
  • We've had the opportunity to interact with Dr. Savage over the years in various settings. He is same caring doctor you see whether out in public or in private meetings. Being consistently kind and caring no matter the setting really speaks to his integrity, and that of Care on Location. This is someone we enjoy working with professionally, and would gladly entrust the care of family members to.
    –Jay W.
  • What a convenient and smart way to see a doctor! It was so easy to book an appointment, no driving for hours, no waiting in an office with sick people. We live in a rural mountain town where there’s no local doctor. I highly recommend care on location!
    –Kelly S.
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