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A virtual care visit just for you

  • Private Video Visit with a Healthcare Provider
  • Colorado Medicaid Accepted, No Copay
  • We Treat Children and Adults
  • Colorado-based, Caring & Experienced Medical Providers
  • Easy to Understand Follow-up Instructions


How will I be treated?

With our virtual Care On Location team, we can identify the health problem that’s troubling you, recommend the appropriate course of treatment, and even send electronic prescriptions for pertinent cases. And since we’re available online right from your location, you don’t have to clear your schedule for medical support. All it takes to feel better is a wifi connection & a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Connecting to care:

To get the help you need, simply select an visit type and time that works for you. Then complete the intake form. You will receive emails and a reminder text message with next steps.  Have Zoom Videoconferencing downloaded to your device.  10 minutes before your visit time, click on the link in your email or calendar for the visit and test your microphone and speakers.  Have your thermometer, and any other important pieces of information ready.  Your care provider will join you soon!

During your visit:

Once it’s your turn to be seen, your care provider will join you on the video call.  Providers are local to Colorado and have years of experience. You can trust that we’re ready to treat whatever issue that comes your way. Throughout your visit, you’ll be able to talk in real-time with one of our medical team members, use the chat feature to help communicate your symptoms, and even screen-share important medical records, pictures, and test results. And after you feel confident that we’ve identified your health issue and found the appropriate way to treat it, we can send any medically necessary prescriptions and even send over notes from your visit to you to share with your regular care providers. 


Our providers embrace the technologies of the future, while honoring the care traditions of the past.  

Meet our Providers

Some of our General Medical/Urgent Care things we see:

 Fever, Flu-like symptoms, just feeling bad

Mild Headaches and head injuries, dizziness

 Eye infections and irritation

 Sore throat, toothache, sinus infection, ear pain

 Coughing, wheezing, asthma, bronchitis

  Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and indigestion

 Bladder infection symptoms

   Neck, back, joint pain, various aches and pains

 Rashes, bites, evaluation of cuts & scrapes, burns

   Test result & medication reviews, medical advice, and more

**Care on Location is an online service and not a physical office.  To find an office based Colorado Medicaid doctor or clinic please search HERE. Also note that we do not write for anything controlled by the Drug Enforcement Agency.

Features of Your Video Interaction

Real-time evaluation

Live audio-visual communication allows for better exam and accuracy.

Screen share

Share desktop images, results, and reports. Highlight key info. with drawing tool.

Invite others

Multiple participants – parent & child, patient & interpreter, couples.Better communication.


Allows for trouble-shooting audio problems and sharing files, images, & education.

Audio/Video input options

Switch microphones and cameras.Allows for digital stethoscope and ear scope too.

Health education

Information about the diagnosis can be sent and downloaded from the chat box feature.

Health First Colorado - Colorado's Medicaid Program

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Patient Feedback

This was a wonderful experience and the quickest I have ever been helped. I…received a very thorough evaluation. Dr. Savage was also very personable and respectful and because of this positive experience I will absolutely be doing this again! – Miranda / Google

A friend had told me about Care On Location when I happened to tell her that I suspected I had an eye infection and didn’t want to reachedule my whole day (or have to wait several) trying to get into a doctor’s office….For the cost of my normal co-pay, I was seen by a great doctor and quickly got on with my day. I/we will definitely use Care On Location again. – Jennifer / Google

Dr. Jon of Care on Location recently examined my son Brooks’ ankle virtually via iphone… amazing!  He concluded that the ankle was sprained (not broken) and therefore didn’t require a Friday night ER visit. SO helpful SO professional! – Todd /

This service is fantastic, quick, and personable. The way all medical visits should be. – Brian / Google

Care on Location was a godsend for me! As a single mom of twins, I knew I needed to see a dr but didn’t want to drag kids on school night. I logged on, No wait time, super easy to navigate. – Kate / Google


Patient Services

State-wide in Colorado.

Accepting Colorado Medicaid (not Denver Health Medicaid Choice), Medicare, Tricare, Anthem, Aetna, Cigna, United Healthcare, and Self-Pay

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Available nationwide


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Monday - Friday9:00 AM — 6:00 PM
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Patient Services

Colorado – statewide

Partner Solutions

Available nationwide


Business Office Hours

Monday - Friday9:00 AM — 6:00 PM
Saturday - Sunday10:00 AM — 4:00 PM