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  1. To utilize years of telehealth experience to improve access to equitable, affordable, and less frustrating care through assisting healthcare entities and providers to create excellent patient/provider centered telehealth programs.

  2. To directly improve the lives of patients through the provision of quality tele-medical and tele-behavioral care primarily or through supporting the already excellent care offered by existing office-based providers.

  3. To embrace, test, and validate the digital health technologies of the future, while honoring the healthcare traditions of the past.


Research shows that patients are interested in switching to a doctor that offers telemedicine, that school-based telemedicine programs decrease absenteeism and improve health, that unnecessary transports to the emergency departments can be decreased, that telemedicine saves money, and that telemedicine increases access to healthcare for rural patients and the underserved.

There are hundreds of telehealth software programs on the market and thousands of pieces of hardware plus infrastructure and staff issues. Whether using our clinical services or our telemedicine experience, we can help get you to your goal. Healthcare as we know it is rapidly changing. Don’t get left behind.



Patient Satisfaction with Telemedicine


Telemedicine users who say it lowered their healthcare costs



Dr. Jonathon Savage
CEO / Founder

More than 20 years in the medical field as an Emergency Physician and years of paving a path in the telehealth realm.  His experience in telemedicine has an expansive range including care provision, software design and development, tele-stroke and telebehavioral health, hardware testing, state and federal regulations, HIPAA-compliance and telemedicine billing & finances.  He is passionate about healthcare equity, cost of care, and the clinically appropriate use of digital health technologies.

Rachel Dixon
Strategic Advisor

Current Executive Director of Prime Health. Experienced in the clinical, operational, and technological implementation of tele-based modes of care delivery. She has worked with numerous provider organizations to successfully design, implement and maintain virtual collaborative care in various settings including primary care, community mental health center, and residential.  Rachel believes that healthcare is a human right and is passionate about serving the underserved.

Maureen Dube-Savage
Community OUtreach

A dietitian by training with both inpatient and outpatient clinical and management experience.  Maureen is passionate about community engagement and has been a volunteer in numerous roles throughout much of her life.  She has taught decision-making skills to inmates in prison, coordinated and ran large fundraisers, and provided web-based and in-person health talks to employees as part of EAP programs.

Daniel Leman,  PA-C
Business Dev Associate

Dan is a physician assistant who comes from a family of entrepreneurs.  He has a strong connection to providing care to those who need it most.  First, from his experience as an EMT and second, from his career in the Emergency Rooms and Urgent Care as a PA.  He has expanded his capacity to bring health to those in need through being a telehealth care provider as well as introducing in-person providers to the benefits of telemedicine.