How It Works

Care from a team you can trust

How to get care

Step 1) Schedule

Click our "GET CARE" button and connect with a caring provider by choosing a NEW or RETURNING patient appointment and select your method of payment(Medicaid, Self-Pay, or Insurance).

Step 2) Get Care

Have Zoom installed on your computer or phone. Join your appointment a little early using the link in your email or text.

Step 3) Get Better

Schedule follow-up appointments if necessary, connect with suggested labs or other services if needed, and rest assured you received the highest quality of care from healthcare providers who care and can be trusted.
When you need medical care, you don’t need frustration worrying about how much it’s going to cost, how you’re going to get there, whether or not you should use the ER or Urgent Care or doctor’s office. You need caring, convenient, accessible help. Telemedicine is changing the face of healthcare. Telehealth appointments match patients with medical professionals on a video call to provide healthcare in real time. When your traditional healthcare solutions aren’t working, try telehealth. If you can’t be seen soon enough or don’t want to sit in a crowded waiting room with a lot of sick people, let us assist you.
Types of Care

Keys to a Successful Video Visit

  • Check your internet connection (a strong 4G or better is recommended)
  • Test your audio and video
  • Consider using headphones to maintain privacy and hear us better
  • Prepare your questions ahead of time
  • Have any home medical devices ready (thermometers, bp cuffs, etc.)
  • Have medical reports or pictures you want to share with the clinician on your computer desktop
  • Dress appropriately for your visit (for example, short sleeves if elbow issue)

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