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Phone: 720-778-0005
Fax: 833-913-2378
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Monday - Friday: 9am - 6pm
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We love Medicaid members and are eager to integrate with patient medical homes. Timely patient access that supports continuity of care with patient medical homes is important to us. We are another option if you can't get them into your practice due to availability.

Accepted Insurances

We accept the following insurance plans:
Colorado Medicaid, BCBS, Anthem, Aetna, Cigna, United Healthcare,Tricare Medicare Part B and United Healthcare/AARP Medicare Advantage, Anthem Medicare Advantage, and Aetna Medicare Advantage plans.

We do not accept other state (not Colorado) Medicaid, VA insurance, Bright Health, Cigna Medicare Advantage, or Humana Medicare Advantage plans. We use AthenaHealth EMR and are submitting encounter summaries to CORHIO and patient's identified PCPs if they have one.
As a care provider, we know you have questions about who we are and what we do for both our patients and for our partners. Our mission is to deliver care through inclusive telemedicine services, and care navigation focused on closing health quity and accessibility gaps - especially for Medicaid members. We are not here to replace primary care, in fact we refer patients to local primary care if they don't have one and send our encounter summaries to our patient's PCPs.
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Who We Are

Care on Location has provided telemedicine services for Colorado Medicaid since 2016. We create targeted "safety net" solutions that are centered around health equity to provide urgent/general health care, limited behavioral health care, and pelvic floor physical therapy. We serve CO Medicaid, most insurances, and include self-pay with a sliding-scale pay options. We aim to empower patients and provide inclusive and culturally competent practice standards and care delivery.

Who We Aren't

Care on Location is NOT a:
• Replacement for primary care
• Replacement for urgent care
• Replacement for existing local health care
• Traditional Telemedicine
• We are not being attributed patients from Medicaid, so patients still keep their medical home even if they use us as adjunct care.

Why Trust Us?

Care on Location has 130,000+ patients across Colorado, with 12% being located in RAE 4.
68% of our patients are female, and 77% of our patients are Colorado Medicaid.
We have 185+ five star Google Reviews from satisfied patients.

Our Impact

When patients were asked "what would you have done if Care on Location was not available?", 12% said they would have gone to the ER and 31% said they would have gone to urgent care.

Based on these numbers, Care on Location has saved patients an estimated $423k in ER visits and $144k in urgent care costs.

Care on Location helped 18% of patients avoid delaying care, 12% of patients avoid paying for out-of-network medicine, and 52% of patients avoid higher acuity care.

*Based off patient responses when booking and appointment between August 2021 and August 2022.
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