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What is a Virtual Doctor Visit?

Posted by Jon Savage on Apr 03, 2018

What is a Video Care Consult?

It is similar to a traditional face to face visit with the difference being that you will be connected by a secure live video connection directly to a board-certified, background-checked, experience Care on Location medical provider.  It is much like a Skype or FaceTime video chat but through a secure video platform plus it has a few additional benefits like the ability to screen-share medical images, results, and more.

Is it safe?

Several studies have shown that a properly conducted telemedicine visit is equal to an in person visit in terms of safety and patient outcomes.  Care on Location providers use research based guidelines to provide you with quality medical care that is consistent with standard medical practices that you are accustomed to.

What about privacy?

It is usually hard to beat the privacy of your own home when you participate in a Video Care Consult.  The audio and video connection between you and the provider is secure and not recorded.  All of your medical visit information is entered into a secure electronic medical records system.  To further improve your privacy, we recommend that you use headphones and consider having the visit in a room behind a closed door if others are around.

How should I prepare for the visit?

Please have all of your devices functioning and ready to use.  The best set-up is to have your thermometer, blood pressure cuff and heart rate monitor/pulse oximeter(oxygen meter) ready to be used for each and every visit.  If you have any other devices such as blood sugar monitors, please have them ready as well.  There are some available eardrum cameras(otoscopes) available on the market that would be helpful to have should you have an ear complaint.  Also, be sure to have the correct doses of your current medications handy and be sure to dress appropriately for the exam.  For example, if your elbow hurts, it is helpful to have short-sleeved shirts or loose clothing so that we can get a good exam.

What types of things are not appropriate for telemedicine?

We have experience is a wide range on primary, urgent, and emergency care.  While we are experienced in emergency care, we do not evaluate true emergencies.  If you think you might be having a heart attack, stroke, appendicitis, a complication of pregnancy, a major injury, or any other condition that you think could be an emergency, please go to the nearest emergency room or call 911.  Similarly, we have an online waiting room and it is possible there could be a modest wait.  If you feel like your condition cannot wait to be seen, then a telemedicine evaluation may not be your best option.

How do I pay for the visit?

We are more than happy to bill Cigna, UnitedHealthcare, Medicaid, and CHP+.  We cannot accept standard Medicare at this time but we can bill for Medicare Advantage plans offered by Cigna and UnitedHealthcare.  Telemedicine visits should be covered but we recommend you verify coverage with your insurance carrier.  We also accept credit cards, including Health Savings Account and Flexible Spending Account cards.  While we ask for your payment information up front, you will not be billed until after we have completed the visit.

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