Prime Health Challenge 2018

Care on Location Named Prime Health Challenge Finalist for Digital Health in Colorado

Posted by Jon Savage on Sep 10, 2018

Patients, providers, and insurers recognize that our goal of improving access to quality, affordable, connected care is a worthy one.  Today we officially received recognition of the value of that goal by being selected as a 2018 Prime Health Challenge Finalist.  This "Shark Tank" style event allows startup digital health companies that are paving a path in healthcare to pitch their companies to health systems, care organizations, and payers.  The potential prize being a pilot study and funding to support the pilot.

This year's focus is on supporting safety net systems that take care of the underserved.  Care on Location is glad to be able to offer access to care in areas where that care can be difficult to obtain.  Rural residents, patients on Medicaid, the incarcerated, and the homeless are some examples of populations that we are happy to care for.

Our telehealth solution not only can offer a convenient modality to obtain care, but should a patient need more than a telemedicine evaluation, our use of geofencing technology can identify and notify in-person providers of the patient needing further care.  This mainly provides a closed loop of care for the patient but also allows practices to increase revenue by filling gaps in schedules and increasing the reach of their location to bring in new patients.

Additionally, we utilize a mobile telemedicine kit that can be deployed in rural clinics, school nurse offices, and the back of ambulances to provide a medical evaluation to a distant medical provider from the initial point of contact of the patient.  This further allows areas where no medical provider is on-site to have access to medical care without having to transport the patient to another location.

So as October 11th nears, wish us luck in showing others that there truly is a way to improve our often confusing, inconvenient, and costly healthcare system.  Prime Health Challenge...Here We Come!

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