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Telehealth and the Mile High Health Alliance

Mile High Health Alliance Meeting and Role of Telehealth in Caring for People on Medicaid

Today, it was great to sit down and talk with Dede de Percin, the Executive Director, of the Mile High Health Alliance and their Program Director, Danni Lederman.  The Mile High Health Alliance is doing some amazing work helping assure the health and well-being of the people of Denver through collaboration with the various organizations […]
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Snapshot of Colorado Rural Health Funding

Care on Location Supports the Call to Action for Increased Healthcare Access in Rural Colorado

Today Care on Location was a participant in the 2017 Colorado Rural Health Funding Summit hosted by the non-profit Colorado Rural Health Center.The topics of discussion included an overview of the Colorado rural healthcare landscape, financing and technical assistance opportunities for rural health providers, and broadband internet access and rural health. No surprisingly, Telemedicine came […]
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Keeping Focused on Patient Care

Care on Location Shares with Prime Health What It Means to have Patient Centered Care

Keeping patients at the center of our business model is important to us. Yesterday, Care on Location was present at the #PrimeHealth gathering for "Patient Centered Care: What does this mean?" Physicians, patient advocates, patients and other healthcare stakeholders were present to bring together all sides in an attempt to discuss, find solutions, and to […]
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2017 Denver Small Business Expo

Care on Location at the Denver Small Business Expo

Care on Location was represented at the Denver Small Business Expo to both learn from others and to educate about the benefits of using telemedicine as a cost-saving employee benefit.  To learn a bit more about how telemedicine may be able to benefit your small business, read below The Cost of Employee Illness and Injury When […]
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Medicaid in Colorado

Colorado Medicaid Covers Telemedicine

Colorado had about 1.3 million residents enrolled in Medicaid at the end of 2016.  Medicaid in Colorado covers about 1 in 7 adults younger than 65 years old, 2 in 5 children, 3 in 5 nursing home resident, and 2 in 5 of people with disabilities.  Additionally, Colorado has about 25% of its population living […]
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Telemedicine covered by Medicaid

Colorado Covers Telemedicine Visits for All

Colorado is a telehealth friendly state.  On January 1, 2017 a Colorado Telehealth law went into effect that requires health insurance carriers to cover health care services delivered to their members via telemedicine technologies on par with that same level of care delivered by an in-person visit.  A revision of that law was signed by Governor […]
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Healthcare Access and Cost Issues covered by Telemedicine

How Telemedicine Can Solve Healthcare Access and Cost Concerns

Telemedicine Addresses Healthcare Access and Cost Most will agree that our health system needs a little help.  Healthcare access can be very limited in some areas.  Additionally,  the medical care available in those areas may not meet what would be considered minimum standards.  On the other side of the coin are areas that have abundant […]
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