Working Spirit Award

Care on Location Honored with the 2018 Working Spirit Award by the Center for Spirituality at Work in Colorado

Posted by Jon Savage on May 09, 2018

We are truly honored to have received the 2018 Working Spirit Award from the non-profit Center for Spirituality at Work.  The award recognized Care on Location "for exemplifying a Working Spirit which respects the dignity of all persons, expresses true community service, engages innovative approaches that make the world a better place, and commits to partnerships in fostering social transformation."

Our commitment to provide equitable access to quality affordable medical care through the use of telemedicine technologies for those facing barriers related to geography, socioeconomic status, legal status, and more is garnering attention from others who see that there is a fair, affordable, and efficient way to provide care to patients everywhere.

It was also great to be in a room full of so many volunteers, non-profits, and some all-around great human beings all there as part of a concerted effort to improve the lives of others and bring change where change is needed.  Included in that room were recipients of other awards who are doing some amazing work.  Their stories and purpose are clear and heart-felt and provided inspiration for us all.  Some fellow awardees included Barb Ladrini, Sandra Miley, and The Equitas Project.

The Center for Spirituality which hosted the event is a non-profit that has been operating since 1996.  Their volunteer programs include Making Choices which teaches decision-making and life-planning skills to incarcerated women and those re-entering society and Second Responders which provides support for natural disasters, community tragedies, and other traumatic events in the time frame after the initial response.

Should you feel inclined, please take a look at the work that they do and consider supporting them.  And again, we thank them for the recognition of our cause.

Pictured is Maureen Dube-Savage (Community Outreach Director) and Jonathon Savage (Founder & CEO)

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