Care on Location Can Order Blood Tests and X-rays through Telehealth Visits from Your Couch.

Posted by Jon Savage on Mar 09, 2018

In order to create a more comprehensive and convenient experience for you, we have partnered with QuestLabs, Labcorp, and Health Images to be able to get your blood tests and x-rays ordered directly from our telemedicine platform.  Blood test ordering is available from LabCorp from Fort Collins on down to Pueblo, from Quest Labs from Northglenn down to Colorado Springs, and Radiology studies like X-rays and ultrasounds are available through Health Images from Longmont down to Castle Rock.

Here is how it works:

  1. You get seen through by one of our medical providers for your medical issue.
  2. If medically appropriate, the healthcare provider can order your blood tests or radiology study online.
  3. You can go to any of the facilities to get the testing done.
  4. The results will be directly sent into our system and we will contact you with those results.
  5. We can provide treatment options or recommend further follow-up if necessary.
Ankle X-ray

Here is an example of it at work - Have you injured your ankle and wondering if you need an x-ray?  We are able to assess your likelihood of there being a broken bone. Using well-established medical guidelines, we might be able to avoid the need for x-rays completely.  We will then suggest the best type of ankle support to use, possibly along with crutches.  However, if you do need an x-ray, we can order it online.  You can then go to any of the locations and get the test done.  The results will show up in our system and we contact you with the results.  We can then discuss further treatment and the healing process, and recommend follow-up if necessary.  We can also send our notes to your personal doctor if you wish us to do so.  All this without the crazy expense of ER visits.

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