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Income level, ethnic origin, and geographical location limit people’s access to health care. Telemedicine offers a viable approach to overcoming many of these barriers. The MobilTEK device and our international telehealth program provides freedom in healthcare by bridging the gap between the physician and patient resulting in improved patient care-flow and increased capacity of healthcare provider work-flow.

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MobilTEK in Action

Through a coordinated effort with MobilTEK, PROCOSI, Alliance Bolivia, and the Ministry of Health Chuquisaca, MobilTEK was able to provide care to patients  in rural health clinics in central Bolivia. We connected to patients cardiologists in Sucre using live audio/visual connections with heart sounds and a live 12-lead EKG for a complete and totally remote visit.
MobilTEK Telemedicine Exam Kit

MobilTEK Case Features

‌Rugged IP-64 case

Ear/nose/throat/skin camera

Tablet Swing-arm
Enables face-to-face communication and exam

Wireless Cellular Router
Multiple external antennas for added connectivity

Digital Stethoscope
Nests in charging dock, no need to plug-in

All Day Battery


Additional Options

Vital signs equipment

2 lead USB EKG

Combine with MobilTEK backpack


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