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Do You Find Yourself Unable to Keep Your Cool?

Created: November 22, 2021
Updated: July 23, 2022
This blog content is provided for informational purposes only, and is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

Care on Location Can Help

Emotions are natural responses to events or situations. For example, you may be anxious when heading for a job interview or getting ready to give a speech to a group of people.  This feeling is normal and, interestingly enough, these anxious feelings help us do our best.

However, sometimes we have difficulty with letting go of uncomfortable emotions well past the event that caused these emotions. This may lead to difficulty in getting along with others, completing our tasks, or getting along with normal life. While our brains respond to threats, danger, or feedback by releasing hormones, in some cases, the hormones linger long after the situation has passed. This high level of hormones can cause continued unnatural or prolonged reactions to situations that are no longer present.

There are many situations that occur in daily life that cause uncomfortable feelings, feelings of not having control of our lives, and impact our daily lives.  More importantly, these situations can impact our relationships with people who are important in our lives, and people who can even help us the most like our families and loved ones.


Anxiety is a feeling of fear or worry when responding to situations that present a threat, danger, or some difficulty. This feeling is a natural part of the flight or fight response system we all have.   However, if these feelings continue long after the threat is gone, they begin to interfere with other aspects of our lives in a negative way.  Our relationships can suffer, further increasing the anxiety of our lives.

Many times, having anxious feelings is normal. We can help with anxiety when it takes a noticeable toll on daily life. 

  • Do you feel on edge all the time? 
  • Are you having trouble relaxing, getting to sleep, or interrupted sleep?  
  • Do you feel like you’re always waiting for the next shoe to drop? 
  • Do you feel unsafe in circumstances you used to feel safe in always?  

These situations, and others, are signs that anxiety may be a problem in your life that we can help with.


 Anger is not a bad emotion, but it is what we do with it that can hurt ourselves or others. Also, recurring bouts of anger can be signs of other issues for which we should seek assistance.   Often anger is a symptom of something else: stress, frustration, depression, and/or anxiety.  It is important that we understand the root of anger and address that issue while learning to redirect anger into some form of positive action.

The good news is there is help for us. There are people who are trained to help us process our anger and help us take control of the expression of our anger.  We can be empowered to harness that energy into something productive for ourselves.  

Try Seeking Help

If you find yourself dealing with stress, worry, anger, anxiousness, annoyances in life, or restlessness, please reach out for help.   A good start is to talk to someone who understands these issues.  We can help you have a more empowered life.

Reach out to Care on Location, a professional telehealthcare company that connects individuals to someone who can help.  Care on Location has professionals trained to help people with issues like yours.  These professionals can help build a support team (including a counselor, health care provider, and medication management) and offer professional support throughout the healing process. The Care on Location online platform allows you to connect with our professionals from the comfortable location of your choosing.

 Live the best life you can imagine.  Become empowered in your daily life.

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