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Live Secure Video Chat with a Healthcare Provider

Our healthcare providers are an experienced team of doctors, physician-assistants, and nurse practitioners ready to handle many common medical conditions. They can evaluate, diagnose, and prescribe medications through our integrated video, medical record, and prescription system.

We offer same day on-demand virtual visits from the comfort of your current location with an internet connection and an audio/video enabled computer, tablet or phone. No waiting for appointments.

Our medical service is designed to complement, not replace, busy primary and specialty clinicians.As your healthcare provider’s day begins to wind down, our day starts up. We’re here for you into the evening and weekends.


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State-wide availability

From the front range to the western slope mountains and plains, we’re here for you


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Skilled healthcare providers

Years of experience combined with compassionate care, we’re ready to help you today


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Secure and private

Your privacy matters. We use a HIPAA-compliant server & software, with encrypted video and medical records

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Affordable Healthcare

$69.99 comparable rate to nearly any other form of care, perfect for high-deductible health plans


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Text and/or Email Notifications

Get email and text reminders with an email link to connect to the video visit. 


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Electronic Prescriptions

Prescriptions* sent directly to your pharmacy, avoiding handwriting errors & improving safety

*No items on the DEA Controlled Substances List will be prescribed.Prescriptions are not guaranteed and depend on state regulations, company practice guidelines, and the Healthcare Provider’s judgement of medical necessity.

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Is Telemedicine safe?

Research studies on telemedicine have shown it to be a cost-effective alternative or addition to standard care.Our healthcare providers use their experience, clinical practice guidelines, and clinical decision tools to conduct a safe medical experience.

We model our practice after the American Telemedicine Association’s “Practice Guidelines for Live, On Demand, Primary and Urgent Care” and the American Medical Associations Ethical Guidelines for Telemedicine.

Our staff is trained to recommend, provide, or guide the patient to the most appropriate care when more than a video visit is needed. When used properly, telemedicine has been shown to be just as safe as standard care.

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