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Telehealth and How It Works Through Care On Location

Telehealth (also referred to as telemedicine) is a way to get care from a medical professional without having to be in the same physical place as the provider. This type of care is given over the phone or in online video chats (asynchronous messaging).

One of the great perks of telehealth is that you can typically get seen much quicker than with an in-person visit. Many people report waiting a month or more for an office visit with their primary care provider.

Another perk is that you are not sitting in a waiting room with other patients who may be sick with contagious diseases.

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What is Telehealth Used For?

Telehealth is great for treating a variety of ailments and symptoms. Probably the most significant aspect of telehealth is getting treatment from a medical provider when you feel too sick to travel to the doctor. It's also convenient for busy schedules when you need to see a medical professional but don't have the time in your day that a commute would add to the visit.

Most people use telehealth when they have a cold or the flu. It's also a great option for treating mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression.

You might be surprised to know that many medical issues are treated through telehealth, including skin issues and pain management.

How To Schedule Your Visit

At Care On Location, we provide affordable telehealth to children and adults throughout Colorado. This includes general medicine telehealth and urgent care telehealth. Providers are available Monday through Saturday (view our complete hours of operation).

We make booking appointments easy. All you have to do to schedule an appointment is click the “Get Care” button on our website. You can browse the providers available to find a specific provider or choose the next available provider (recommended if you seek an urgent care telehealth visit). We will need your legal name, date of birth, address, phone number, a valid email address, and health insurance or credit card information (we won't charge your card until after your visit).

Once you schedule your appointment, you will receive an email with instructions for connecting to your online appointment. Please note that sometimes it can take up to half an hour to receive your confirmation email. The email will include a link that you will click at your appointment time. This link will connect you to the video chat with the provider.

Prior to the video chat, you will also receive a text to complete a few forms detailing your medical history and any prescriptions you are on. This helps us before starting the call by determining the best course of action for your specific situation.

What to Expect During and After Your Appointment

During your telehealth appointment, you can ask any questions you may have. Your provider will give you advice, any resources you may need, and instructions on what to do next. If prescriptions are necessary, we can send them to your chosen pharmacy. Pharmacy delivery is also available through our pharmacy partners at Capsule for some areas in Colorado. If the provider recommends a follow-up telehealth appointment, you can schedule it at that time. We can also connect you with labs or other services as needed. For instance, if we need to check your cholesterol, we can order blood work at your nearest lab and have the results sent to our medical records system.

A few tips to make your online telehealth video appointment most effective:

  • Try to find someplace quiet
  • Make sure your internet connection is stable
  • Test your audio and video beforehand
  • Write your questions down ahead of time and have them with you
  • If you have any home medical devices (such as blood pressure cuffs or a thermometer), have them with you
  • If you want to share any pictures, have them on your desktop, ready to upload during your visit
  • Dress appropriately, meaning if we need to see your arms for a skin issue, wear a sleeveless top

Unless requested otherwise, our appointments are always set up as telehealth video appointments. However, if you prefer to have the appointment over the phone, write that in the comments when you register.

It's important to note that while we can provide prescription refills, we will not prescribe a refill on any DEA-controlled medications such as narcotics, anxiety medicine, or muscle relaxers.

What Sets Us Apart from Other Telehealth Providers

Our staff is made up of excellent medical providers licensed here in Colorado. Two things set us apart from other telehealth services:

  • We care
  • We know Colorado

When you meet with our providers, rest assured that there is plenty of time to ask questions and voice your concerns. We do not rush through our appointments. Instead, we want to make sure all of our patients are heard and feel cared for. 

Telemedicine covered by Medicaid

Also, our providers have lived and worked in the same state as you. This means that our providers have the resources and connections to help you no matter where you live in Colorado.

Another aspect that sets us apart from other telehealth providers is that our drive and mission have made us pioneers in our field. We create hardware kits that provide greater access to telehealth services. These hardware kits can provide care for those experiencing homelessness or those living in rural areas where no healthcare provider is available by easily creating a pop-up clinic where patients already are.

Also, our healthcare providers are healthcare users too. Believe it or not, we also experience how inadequate healthcare can be. It's what drives us to provide easy-to-use telehealth services for those who need them most. For example, if you're on Medicaid, you know how hard it is to find a provider who accepts it. At Care On Location, the majority of our patients are on Medicaid. (On this note, your visit is free if you are on Medicaid. If you pay by credit card, HSA, or FSA, the cost is $69.99 per visit.)

We also work with clinics and social services across the state to reach those who otherwise might never see a doctor unless it's in the emergency room.

We care about our patients and hope your telehealth visits with us leave you feeling cared for, respected, and heard.

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