What We Do

  • Urgent care video visits on computers, tablets, & phones
  • Use nationally accepted treatment guidelines
  • Use any medical devices you have (thermometer, etc.)
  • Electronically prescribe if medically necessary
  • Short-term refills of confirmed medications
  • Review Lab & X-ray results
  • Communicate with your regular doctor

What We Don’t Do

  • Treat emergencies
  • Prescribe any DEA controlled substance including narcotics, marijuana, & sedatives
  • Prescribe “lifestyle” medications (erectile dysfunction, hair loss, weight loss, etc.)
  • Complete disability or other legal forms
  • Replace your regular doctor or clinic
Review Our Easy to Understand Overview of Some of the Terms and Agreements

(The details you will review as you register and request care)

  1. This service is not to be used if you think you might be having an emergency.  We do not want something bad to happen to you while waiting to be seen.
  2. Your personal medical information is secured and not shared with anyone other than our medical staff and maybe the insurance company if we are billing them for you care.
  3. We store your financial information securely with a national credit card processing company called Stripe that is very similar to PayPal.  They use the highest level security to encrypt and store your card information.  None of our staff has direct access to your credit card number.
  4. We built our system with your security in mind from the moment you register through to the moment you end the video visit and you log off our platform.  However, it is unlikely but possible that the security system fails or some hacker intentionally breaks into the system leading to an exposure of your personal health information.
  5. Even though we require your financial/insurance information up front just like at the doctor’s office, we will not bill anything to you or the insurance company until your medical visit is complete.
  6. There is no charge to you if you cancel your visit request.  But please be sure to cancel for us.  Our providers take the time to review your chart and wait on video for you to arrive.  If you do not show up, that time could have been better spent taking care of the next patient.  Please cancel your visit if you change your mind.
  7. We ask that you are truthful with your medical information and be a willing assistant in helping us get the best history and physical exam possible.  This will help you get the best and most appropriate care possible.
  8. Sometimes computers, software, and the internet do weird things.  This could result in a poor quality encounter between you and us where we may not be able to hear or see each other well or it just completely fails.  We may also not have access to your medical records that can lead to missed important information that can affect your treatment and the quality of the outcome for your situation.
  9. Prescriptions are not to be expected.  Medically indicated prescription writing is based on a combination of using our company guidelines and also on the clinical decision of the evaluating medical provider.
  10. Once a medical evaluation has been performed and/or medical advice has been dispensed, the visit is considered complete and the visit charge is considered finalized.
  11. We can either submit payment by credit card, health savings account card, flexible spending account card or a limited set of health insurance plans we work with.
  12. If we do not take your insurance, we can email you a superbill which is a summary of the bill that you can send to your insurance.  They may or may not reimburse you for the visit charge.
  13. If we submit a bill to your insurance, the charge may be different than the direct pay price shown on the website.  Your out of pocket cost for the visit may vary and end up being higher or lower than the direct pay price.
  14. If your insurance declines payment for any reason, the amount owed will revert to the direct pay amount and we will deduct it from your credit card on file with the credit card processing company.
  15. We may contact you again with follow-up emails, health information, surveys, and advertisements after you have registered in the system.  Keep in mind that your private email account may not be as “private and secure” as you think.  You will have the option of opting-out of follow-up communications if you desire.