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Expertly guided video consultation

Quality care, quality exam

By partnering with schools, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, employee health clinics and more, on-site trained care assistants can connect with our board-certified clinicians, minimizing the need to travel.

Care Assistants will utilize our digital cameras, stethoscopes, and other devices to perform an exam to a distant healthcare provider over the internet. In certain locations, some minor procedures and treatments may be available immediately. In all locations, medically indicated prescriptions can be sent to your local pharmacy.

Partner locations can offer this as a value-added service to their clients and employees, potentially saving you time, money, and hassle.

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Care Link

Care Assistants at your side link with distant health providers using digital exam equipment

At Your Location

We will work with facilities, schools, nursing homes, rural clinics to help decrease unneeded transport & cost

Safety & Care Guidelines

Patient safety is a top priority.  Medically researched care guidelines used by our staff.

Modern Technology

Mobile Telemedicine Examination Kit includes digital cameras and stethoscopes allowing for quality exam over the internet

Secure and Private

Your privacy matters. Background checked assistants & providers. Medical charts securely stored in the cloud

Treatments and Procedures

Minor Procedures and bedside tests at certain locations. Medically necessary prescriptions provided

*$99.99 includes initial screening video consult.If you have insurance we accept, cost may only be co-pay.  Cost of treatment influenced by time spent & resources used.

Mobile Telemedicine Examination Kit (MobiTEK)


Our digital equipment was selected with our patient’s safety and comfort in mind. Our MobiTEK carry case contains an onboard computer camera plus a digital camera to examine eyes, ears, nose, throat, & skin. A digital stethoscope allows us to hear heart and lung sounds as if they were right there with the patient. The kit also includes a heart rate monitor, pulse oximeter, digital thermometer, and digital blood pressure cuff.

See a few images of our MobiTEK equipment here

Turn any Room into a Telemedicine Exam Room

Ask your facility, school, or company director about setting up an on-site tabletop clinic using licensed medical assistants, nurses, or other medically trained staff. We can work with your medical team to create a complete care experience. 

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