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Payment Types: Medicare

Sara Gallo, PA-C

Sara Gallo is a PA who is passionate about providing quality medical care as well as the technology that can help Sara Gallo PA-C is an experienced primary care provider with over 10 years of experience in pediatrics and adult medicine, treating chronic medical conditions as well as urgent care.  She focuses on holding space […]

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Bethany Clawson, PA-C

Bethany Clawson is a PA with a background in family medicine and urgent care. She graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point, commissioned as an Army officer, deployed twice to Afghanistan, and later attended PA school. Her husband continues to serve as an Apache helicopter pilot, and they have a growing family […]

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Janine Kennedy, PA-C

Janine Kennedy is a PA who has been caring for patients in an urgent care and occupational medicine setting for nearly ten years. She enjoys caring for patients in any aspect, from pediatric to geriatric, and hopes to make a difference in their lives. She grew up in Michigan and Georgia and has resided in […]

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Kelli Eisenbrown, PA-C

Kelli Eisenbrown is a PA who has been caring for patients in an urgent care and primary care setting for nearly a decade. She graduated from University of Colorado with additional expertise in pediatrics and rural health. Kelli enjoyed her experience serving marginalized and underserved populations previously through a refugee health clinic in Aurora, CO […]

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