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Care on Location is actively seeking partnerships and pilot programs from the categories below to move medicine forward by helping shift the healthcare access paradigm.

Health Practices

Value-added service to your practice

Extend your practice’s reach

Obtain more referrals

Receive visit summaries

After hours & weekend patient care 

Hospital systems 

Post-discharge follow-up care

Decrease hospital readmissions

Improve patient satisfaction 

Keep patients in-network

Extend your reach


Community-based service extension 

Post-discharge follow-up care

Handle low-acuity volume spikes

Decrease AMA/walkout risk

Avoid unnecessary hospital visits 

School & College 

Fewer missed school days

Convenience for students/parents

School-based health center

On-campus visits

Avoid diagnosis delays 


Care that comes to your workplace

Great employee benefit

Decrease your productivity loss

Save your employees money

Improve employee health



Create virtual & visiting clinics 

Care notes to add to chart

Avoid unnecessary ER visits

Work with current health providers

Save patients time & money

Event organizers 

Healthcare for hotel/event clientele

Create event virtual & visiting clinic

Provide a value-added service

Allow users to stay on location

Minimize confusion and hassle

Outreach Care

Improve healthcare access

Bring the clinic with you

Improve health of the underserved

Provide cost-conscious care

Put grant money to good use 

Partnership contact form

Together, we can create a healthcare model that is good for both the patients and the providers. Use the contact form to the right to submit partnership requests, ideas, and feedback.

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