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In the News: Pandemic’s end hits Coloradans on Medicaid

Posted by jsavage on Apr 11, 2022

In a guest column in the Denver Gazette, Dr. Jonathon Savage, DO, founder of Care on Location, discusses continuous Medicaid enrollment during the COVID-19 pandemic and how, as the pandemic switches to an endemic, thousands of Coloradans may lose coverage when it ends on April 16.

Here’s an excerpt from the column:

Many people will lose coverage because they can’t be located. For example, during the pandemic, those who needed health-care coverage were the ones who ended up moving around the most and typically have pay-as-you-go types of phone plans. This results in difficulties reaching them because their contact information changes often. If these people can’t be reached, they’ll lose coverage. National media have reported estimates of this group to be 30% of Coloradans in Medicaid.

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