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Care on Location is Ensuring Healthcare Access Through Telehealth Visits During COVID-19

Posted by jsavage on Apr 08, 2020

Care on Location is responding to the current pandemic by stepping in to fill the gap in medical care. Many medical offices have closed or reduced hours, and patients are being strongly encouraged to manage their symptoms at home. As a result of this situation, telehealth has become a key solution to provide the care needed while allowing patients to stay at home. At Care on Location, we have over five years of experience providing telemedicine to our patients, and we now - more than ever - are working to expand telehealth in Colorado.

As a patient, you can access our providers directly through our ‘Get Care’ button. We accept Colorado Medicaid at no cost to you. If you are uninsured or have private insurance with a high-cost deductible, our COVID-19 reduced self-pay price of $69.99 is an affordable option.

With the increase of telemedicine utilization by patients, Care on Location has reason to expand. We’ve hired more providers to ensure that as the country turns to online care, we are prepared to manage higher volumes of patients. 

Our efforts are also being applied on a broader scale across the state. We are currently coordinating with the Office of eHealth Innovation (OeHI) and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) to address state and community needs. This work has brought changes in state reimbursement and telehealth policy, as well as begun the effort to coordinate a state-wide telehealth response. We have recently rolled out our Test-to-Treat program where a patient presenting with risk factors, a positive home antigen test or PCR test performed elsewhere, and symptoms of less than 5 days duration can be prescribed an antiviral medication that has been shown to reduce hospitalization and death by up to 89%. 

Many patients have been trying to connect with their own primary care providers and wait times to get seen can be too long such that it would be too late to treat COVID. We believe that there is a better answer to this problem. Our software solutions allow you to schedule and perform telehealth encounters through Care on Location when needed. Contact us today to find out more and get treated if you qualify.

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