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National Caregivers Day

Created: February 18, 2022
Updated: July 23, 2022
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As they say, the struggle is real. That’s especially so for all the caregivers out there. And we’re not talking just parents, but those who are caring for aging family members, medically complex patients, or people with disabilities. Talk about multi-tasking! That’s a job. 

And for some, it really is their job. Here in Colorado, the number of jobs for home health aides is expected to continue to rise.

Maybe you’re a caregiver? If not, there’s little doubt that someone in your life is. These people spend day after day giving all of themselves to others. Did you know there’s a day to honor them? February 18 is National Caregivers Day (it’s always celebrated on the third Friday in February).

Today is a day to show our appreciation for the work they do. It’s amazing what a little recognition can do for the soul. And our caregivers deserve it!

Caregiving on the Rise

According to a 2020 National Alliance on Caregiving report, caregiving is rising in our country. Here are some interesting takeaways from their report:

  • 1 in 5 adults provide unpaid care to an adult with health or functional needs
  • More people are caring for more than one person at a time
  • 23% of Americans have said that caregiving has made their health worse
  • 61% of caregivers are women (probably not a surprise!)
  • 61% also work a job while also trying to provide care for another person.

Clearly, these people deserve to be recognized for their care every day! Often it can be so hard to give so much of yourself to others. A little gratitude and appreciation can go a long way to renewing that caregiving energy.

How Care on Location Can Support Caregivers

No Need to Drive Anywhere

One of the reasons we love working in telehealth is that it makes access to care easier for people and those who care for them.

When it comes to scheduling doctor visits, it can really take a toll on the caregiver. They have to work around their own schedule, that of the person they’re taking care of, and the doctor’s office.  Through telemedicine, a caregiver can easily help the person they’re taking care of set up an appointment. And for the caregiver who can’t easily get out of the house, they have a chance to prioritize a visit for themselves. With online video appointments, Care on Location removes one more hurdle for you: you don’t have to drive anyone to the doctor (as long as it’s not an emergency!).

And considering the pandemic is still ongoing, you can have a little peace of mind about that as well.

After the video appointment, we can help walk you through the process of finding affordable care locally or through your regular doctor, if it’s needed. We work with providers throughout Colorado, and join them in providing care for in-state residents.

Just a few of the things we typically treat:

We also see patients for mental health issues, smoking cessation, gender-affirming care, and family planning and sexual health.

No Special Equipment Needed

We meet with patients over the phone or online. We do have three easy suggestions to help the video sessions run smoothly:

  • Find a quiet place inside your house
  • Use headphones (noise-canceling ones are best, but they aren’t necessary to have an appointment)
  • Have a light source in front of you so we can see you clearly (this could be a window or a floor lamp, for example).

And just as you would if you went to the doctor’s office, it’s helpful to have your questions ready ahead of time. Also wear appropriate clothing (for example, short sleeves for an arm issue).

Recognizing Caregivers

Caregivers are often under a lot of stress. So, if you’re a caregiver, use this day as your permission to unwind and do something for yourself. Remember, you can’t take care of others if you don’t take care of yourself too!

Caregivers often suffer from burnout. One way Care on Location can support them is by giving them access to their mental health provider who can help them manage stress and continue their vital role.

If you’re looking to do something special for the caregiver in your life, here are some ideas:

  • Take something off their plate. Make them a meal, clean up dishes, clean the house, or run an errand for them. Just taking one task off their to-do list can be extremely helpful.
  • Join them for a walk in the fresh air.
  • Watch a movie together.
  • Send them to bed early, or let them sleep in!
  • Find someone to support them and give them a day off and share the load.

We want to thank all the caregivers out there! Because we work in telehealth, we know how important you are to the people you take care of. Thank you for all you do!

Care on!

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