Join the Care on Location team in helping to change the way healthcare is done. We are a team of doctors, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants that provide direct medical care for patients through both video interaction and in-person interactions. Most team members engage in both of these modalities of seeing patients while some may choose one or the other. Additional clinical activities include providing medically appropriate prescriptions, treatments, and procedures for the patient. Non-clinical activities include administrative duties, marketing, training, and medical equipment & supply management.

Company Overview

Care on Location is a healthcare company that provides direct-to-patient video visits called Video Care Consults throughout the State of Colorado. We also offer On Location Care Consults, our modern version of the old-fashioned house call to patients whether they are at home, school, work, hotel, or other location. We partner with primary and specialty offices to provide a value-added service to their patients after-hours and weekends to help prevent unnecessary utilization of more expensive healthcare access options. Additionally, collaborations with facilities such as schools, nursing homes, and work clinics allow us to deploy our Mobile Telemedicine Examination Kit (MobiTEK) which connects an on-site care assistant and patient with our healthcare provider during an Assisted Care Consult.

The company is owned and operated by Dr. Jonathon Savage, DO.  Dr. Savage has over 25 years of experience in the medical field as an emergency physician and an urgent care telemedicine provider.

The mission of Care on Location is to provide healthcare that is more accessible, transparent, efficient, cost-effective and convenient.

The Opportunity

Care on Location is primarily seeking to fill Part-time and Full-time positions for doctors, nurse practitioners, and physician-assistants. However, we will consider PRN positions under certain conditions. For any PRN positions, we do require at least 2 dedicated 8-hour shifts per month.

Care on Location is looking for experienced health care providers to be the face of this newly formed technology and patient-driven healthcare company. Our initial marketing focus and place of needed healthcare providers is in the Denver-Metro area but expansion plans have been developed to cast a wide healthcare net to the population of Colorado and likely beyond.

After a brief training period, you will be able to work from your home, if desired, providing video consults to patients who are accessing our services through our web-application.

Our software also contains a geo-location matching system that allows the patient to see if there is an available provider located within a certain radius.  If so, the patient will be able to obtain an On Location Care Consult where they can be seen in-person from the comfort of wherever they are. A vehicle stocked with equipment to provide many of the treatments and procedures available in most Urgent Care clinics has been designed as our mobile medical unit.

Provider hours are being planned for 4 pm – midnight seven days per week. This provides complementary services to office-based physicians whose offices are either wrapping up their day or closed during our operating hours. As a start-up healthcare company, part of your work-week includes flex time which will involve being an integral part of the success of the company by participating in training, marketing, promotional events, and administrative duties.

Overall, compared to the hustle and bustle of an Emergency Room or busy Urgent Care, the pace of our practice will feel relaxed. Patient satisfaction has been shown to be 95+% with telemedicine and “house calls” in most surveys.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Care for patients via both telemedicine (video) interactions and in-person visits
  • Perform treatments and procedures appropriate for a given medical situation
  • Manage medical inventory for mobile medical vehicles and care
  • Participate in marketing, improving, and growing the company
  • Serve as a patient advocate to assure quality outcomes and acceptable follow-up
  • Operate our mobile medical unit and our digital health equipment

Qualifications & Skills

Minimum Qualifications:

  • 2+ years of ER, Urgent Care, or Family Medicine experience needed
  • Demonstrable proficiency in ER/Urgent Care procedures such as suturing and splinting
  • Unrestricted state lciensure
  • Current national board certification
  • BLS/ACLS current or obtained within 90 days of contract
  • Prescriptive authority and current DEA license
  • Unrestricted drivers license

Core Competencies:

  • Strong identification with the goal of improving the healthcare system from an access, convenience, quality, satisfaction, and cost perspective
  • Computer proficient and eager to utilize and champion modern healthcare tools
  • Ability to reliably access internet
  • Available work environment that allows for private patient interactions via video
  • Quality independent medical decision making skills
  • Strong interpersonal, video, and written communication skills
  • Expertise in managing acute care issues and injuries
  • Cultural, lifestyle, and religious sensitivity and acceptance
  • Team participation in reviewing, improving, marketing, and growing the company

Working Conditions

This position may entail working both from a home location and driving to a patient’s location. The home location will need to be secure from interruptions that could potentially jeopardize a private patient interaction and therefore breach HIPAA regulations. A patient’s location and environment may impose novel working conditions that might require critical thinking skills, physical agility, as well as patient and provider safety assessments.

Physical Requirements

Physical requirements of the job include the ability to sit for potentially prolonged periods either at a computer or in a vehicle. Manual dexterity will be needed to operate computers and digital health tools. Some physical strength may be needed to carry medical baggage to a patient’s location which may include walking distances and stair climbing among other scenarios.


  • Be part of the future model of healthcare delivery
  • Work partly from home*
  • Productivity bonuses
  • Collaborative environment where you get to help guide and grow the company.
  • Malpractice paid
  • 50% gym membership reimbursement*
  • $500 reimburse continuing education/year*
  • Potential use of company vehicle for On Location Care Consults*
  • Free Video Care Consults for you + family*
  • Involved in care proven to have a high patient satisfaction rate

*Restrictions Apply

*These items apply to part-time and full-time positions only.Does not apply to PRN positions.

Interested in joining our team? Fill out the form below & be sure to upload an updated copy of your CV. I look forward to hearing from you.

— Dr. Jonathon Savage, Founder & President

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