Holidays Hazards Treatment using Telemedicine

Ten Holiday Hazards Care on Location Can Help Treat with Telemedicine Visits

Posted by jsavage on Nov 23, 2017

Holiday Hazards that just may happen, and how to treat them through telemedicine

The family is coming, the friends are coming and for a lot of us, that may mean from across town, out of state or an international guest. Like any other get together, hazards arise great and small. Nothing de-rails your sight seeing day trips or missing a favorite event when you or someone in your squad starts to feel sick. The hassle to figure it all out takes up valuable fun time, tricky coordination and cash.

Here are our top 10 holiday hazards that Care on Location can treat through our online, cost effective secure medical video chat:

  1. Lets start with the holiday homecoming infamous Wednesday night out reunion. If you are having a real good time, libations fly but then your turkey will taste dry the next day. If indicated, some prescriptions can help ease the nausea in the morning to at least salvage the turkey sandwich leftover masterpiece around 7 pm, then onto pie.
  2. Turkey Trot’s galore, but your ankle will take all the bore. If you have an injury trying to re-boot your metabolism for your consumption later, a simple push point pain test through telemedicine can determine if you need an x-ray or an ice pack. That goes for head, shoulders, knees and toes too.
  3. Speaking of head injuries, “touch” football traditions may result in the old farts vs. the fresh meat and high school glory is bubbling to the top. Concussion evaluations will keep you wondering if Uncle Bob is getting alzheimer’s early or has a mild head injury.
  4. The kitchen is a hazardous place, especially in the heat of turkey basting. If aunt Mary checks the bird one more time, she may get a burn that you could be concerned about. The value of medical video chat is that you can show us your burn and we can tell you how to treat it at home, maybe supplies from the store, or additional care if needed.
  5. Who wants to help? Everyone wants to be part of the meal, so slicing and dicing is good for conversations in the kitchen but we laughed so hard that I sliced my finger open, OUCH and YUCK. Don’t faint, lets take a look through the video chat and maybe you just need a big girl bandaid. But if a stitch or two is needed, you will be kept off kitchen duties for the day, hum -kinda not bad, I’ll pour the wine.
  6. Now the meal has been served and we all are thankful and full but 12-24 hours show something not so cool. Stomach pains, trips to the bathroom, vomiting and fever could be a food borne illness. An evaluation can assess the what and when and determine if some TLC is needed or further evaluation is required, based on age and health conditions
  7. Dang it grandpa! We looked all through his small, tightly packed carryon so he could save money on baggage fees and can’t find his blood pressure pills anywhere. Care on Location can do a quick assessment, and look up his prescription and send a refill to the nearest pharmacy. Yeah, we can do that. Whew - thanks!
  8. Now cousin Myra is feeling what she calls “not so good”. Is it the elevation, or did she pick up a bug on the airplane? If you think you may need an antibiotic, we can walk you through the protocols to determine if you can let your body let the virus strengthen your immune system, or you need assistance to fight off the bacteria.
  9. Oh many my throat is sore? Did I sing too much at the karaoke bar or am I getting…..STREP? There is a simple way to determine your likelihood of having strep by answering a quick couple questions and showing us your throat on camera. No, you don’t necessarily need a swab anymore, but it may mean you do need a trip to the pharmacy to pick up the prescription and order a movie for the night.
  10. Were you one of those people who shop on Thanksgiving? A fender bender in the parking lot of the mall could cause serious long term neck, back and head problems.  Through your phone, we can do an online onsite evaluation and we can guide you through some steps to evaluate if there is a need for serious follow up so you can be healthy and happy through this holiday season.

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