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7 Easy Steps to Get Care Today

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Step 1 - Download Video Portal

  • Download and install the Zoom ‘Client for Meetings’ or Mobile App video portal using the button below.
  • We encourage you to download ahead of time. If you do not download and install ahead of time, the program will prompt you to install it at time of the visit.  However, this will delay getting the care you need and takes up time our providers could be using to care for more people such as yourself.
  • You will only need to download and install it once per phone/tablet/computer. All future video visits will launch automatically after that.
  • Please be sure to keep up with video portal software updates.
download video portal
Step 2 - Create an Account. It's Free and Secure!

  • Get medical care from the comfort of wherever you are
  • Be part of the patient directed movement to help modernize healthcare!
  • It’s free and secure to create and account with no upfront charges to you
  • Encryption technology allows for securely entering your medical and billing information
  • You can add dependents such as children under your primary account
Create Account
Step 3 - Log In

  • Sign in from any internet connected desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • For best results use the latest versions of one of the following browsers: Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge
  • Upon logging in, you will see the available video or on location providers
log in
Step 4 - Request Care

  • Confirm your location
  • Select who needs to be seen
  • Set notification preferences
  • Enter reason for the visit
  • Choose type of service (all start off with a video visit)
Step 5 - Enter Virtual Waiting Room

  • Upon entering the Virtual Waiting Room, you will see the number of other patients waiting
  • If more than a few ahead of you, feel free to go about your business
  • Wait time will depend on number of patients and number of available healthcare providers
  • We will text and/or email you when you are next to be seen.
  • You may cancel request any time before the start of the video visit without being charged
Step 6 - Get Notified

  • Keep your phone and computer close by while in the Virtual Waiting Room
  • Video Calls – Text and/or email sent when you are next to be seen
  • When notification received go to computer and join video call immediately
  • On Location Care Consults – Text and/or email sent when local provider assigned
  • On Location Care Consults – Another notification sent when provider on way to you
Step 7 - Get Seen

  • See the Healthcare Provider over secure video connection
  • Prescriptions – electronically submitted when medically indicated
  • If indicated & available, On Location Care Provider can be assigned during video call.
  • On Location Care Consultant arrives with equipment to handle most urgent care needs.

Features of Your Video Interaction

Real-time evaluation

Live audio-visual communication allows for better exam and accuracy.

Screen share

Share desktop images, results, and reports. Highlight key info. with drawing tool.

Invite others

Multiple participants – parent & child, patient & interpreter, couples.Better communication.


Allows for trouble-shooting audio problems and sharing files, images, & education.

Audio/Video input options

Switch microphones and cameras.Allows for digital stethoscope and ear scope too.

Health education

Information about the diagnosis can be sent and downloaded from the chat box feature.