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Community EMS Telemedicine

You offer your care and expertise to your community.  Sometimes you are the only care provider for miles. 

Now have the supportive partner of ER trained doctors, NPs, and PAs via telehealth technologies.  Improve access to quality medical care at the patient’s side, the back of the rig, or at the station.


  • Reduce unnecessary transports
  • Reduce hospitalizations
  • Broaden EMS’s scope of care
  • Improve paramedic support
  • Improve patient satisfaction
  • Reduce healthcare costs

How it Works

  • A custom program is designed for your team and patient population
  • EMS crews are outfitted and trained on telemedicine equipment
  • Crews connect with telemedicine providers for appropriate patients
  • Patient history and physical is conducted using digital devices
  • Care +/- prescriptions rendered on-scene vs appropriate transport
  • Patients received quality, cost and time efficient care
  • EMS crews are Care Heroes!

Real World Example

Houston Fire Department EMS Telemedicine

  • 20,000 patients managed via telehealth
  • 80% decrease in unnecessary ED transports
  • 44 minute faster return to service for EMS crews
  • $1.771 million saved in direct costs in 1 year
  • Patient satisfaction same as usual care