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Thanksgiving: Stuffed or Sick? – Foodborne Illness

Fall Harvest Basket

Take a look outside your window – what do you see? In most parts of the United States, you’ll find brilliant colored leaves turning brown on trees that are shedding them to the ground for the preparation of colder weather. You might see an abundance of pumpkins or scarecrows. Sweaters. Boots. Time to cozy up. […]

Feeling Under the Weather? Get Care Now.

Sick Teddy Bear

Our bodies are made to function like well-oiled machines, a thousand cogs and sprockets turning together in harmony to make us walk, talk, breathe, and live our lives to the fullest. Sometimes the machine can have a tick in its internal workings, however, and that slows it down or causes it to malfunction in a […]

Visit Denver Partnership Meeting

Hickenlooper at Podium for Visit Denver

Visit Denver Partnership:  Should have known that a group of people who plan events, parties and experiences would make sure their annual partnership meeting would not disappoint!  Great speakers(@GovofCO, @MayorHancock), food, entertainment and company all before 9am!  Care on Location, PC is happy to help guests and employees of the hospitality industry care for their […]

Mike Pence mentions telemedicine for veterans during televised Veteran’s Day speech.

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Happy Veteran’s Day!  Thank you to those who have and are serving our country. Today Vice President Mike Pence gave a speech at Arlington National Cemetery in honor of America’s Vets and one line caught my ear: “And because not all wounds of war are visible, we’ve improved Veteran’s access to urgent mental health care […]

The Telemedicine Revolution: A Crucial Component of Everyday Care | Healthcare of Tomorrow | US News

Telemedicine has the potential to positively affect nearly every aspect of healthcare.  From simple patient questions to complex critical care scenarios, a well-developed telemedicine integration can improve efficiency, satisfaction, and quality while decreasing costs for patients and the health system as a whole.  This article from USNEWS.COM provides a little overview glimpse into the potential.  […]

Leveraging Primary Care Telehealth for Convenience and Quality

Doctor on Video Illustration

Seeking medical care is almost always inconvenient and usually quite costly.  There are multiple telemedicine services attempting to reverse the trend.  This article provides a decent brief overview of the initiative. We live in a society where we as consumers have more control over when, where, and how we access services.  Healthcare is slowly moving […]

Anthem Insurance – Not Gonna Pay for That ER Visit


The maneuver A while back, Anthem Insurance began reviewing discharge diagnoses from the emergency room and implemented a policy in certain states where certain “non-emergency” diagnoses were not going to be paid for by the insurer.  Those earlier states included Georgia, Kentucky and this past June, Missouri.  Now Anthem is expanding that policy to Indiana […]

Flu Symptoms? How Online Medical Care Can Help.


Winter is coming Every year from October through April, we see a rise in infectious diseases from the common cold to flu symptoms to pneumonia.  Hopefully you either have or are planning to get your flu vaccinations soon.  Getting the flu is a significant contributor to lost time, productivity, and health.  The flu vaccine is […]