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What You Need To Know About Telehealth Pediatric Urgent Care 

Telemedicine is a great option when you need urgent care. When your pediatric doctor is unavailable, and your situation isn't severe enough for an emergency room visit, a telehealth visit can help your child quickly and efficiently. Care On Location is a telehealth provider serving Denver and the rest of Colorado.

Convenient Scheduling Options

You can schedule an appointment online or over the phone and get medical attention from the comfort and convenience of your own home. Don't worry about looking for urgent care locations because Care On Location is available wherever you are in Colorado. Keep reading to learn how online medical care can care for your child's medical needs. Colorado Health First and CHP+ Medicaid both accept telehealth visits so telemedicine is available without a copay (FREE).

A Telehealth Pediatric Urgent Care Clinic Will Save You Time

Telemedicine is an excellent resource for pediatric care because it eliminates the stresses of in-person medical visits. You can schedule an appointment by calling our office or booking online. Once your appointment is set, our office will guide you through the steps to prepare for your first visit. Once a doctor is available during your scheduled appointment, they will call you and discuss your urgent care concerns. The doctor will treat your child over the phone or refer them to an emergency care center if they feel your child has a life-threatening emergency.

Telemedicine Is A Great Way to Access Pediatric Medical Care

Telemedicine has been offered for many years but has recently become something patients can request as a primary care physician or family doctor. Telehealth providers have streamlined the process for online care and payments to benefit everyone. The pandemic forced more insurance health plans and healthcare practices to adopt online care, so parents now have better healthcare options for their children. Parents have widely embraced telehealth due to its tremendous benefits.

Reduce Time Off Work

Parents shouldn't have to choose between caring for their child's health concerns or going to work. Parents can quickly schedule appointments for their sick child without missing work. A parent can schedule a remote appointment in under five minutes online on our website.

Less time in the waiting room

Telemedicine reduces time spent in waiting rooms. Telehealth appointments are over the phone or video so you don't have to go to an office and wait in a room until a doctor is ready to see you. Check in online and you might only have to talk to the clinician.

Reduce exposure to other illnesses

Sick people gather in doctor's waiting rooms, making pediatric visits a breeding room for infections, especially in a pediatric office where children move around and touch different objects. It is significantly safer for both the parent and the child to receive medical services through telemedicine.

Conditions or Symptoms That Are Easy To Treat With Telemedicine

  1. Cough and cold symptoms - A pediatric urgent care provider can assess a child's cough and breath over a video appointment. The healthcare provider will ask questions to determine the cause and severity of the symptoms. They will recommend the necessary steps to improve your child's health, including educating the parents on prescriptions, required tests, and when to go to seek emergency care
  2. COVID testing results and treatment advice - Don't search the internet for advice on how to treat your kid if they test positive for COVID-19. Telehealth is a great way to get risk-free advice on the best steps to treat a child's COVID infection. Online doctors can guide you on the best medicines for your child's age and weight. They can train you on the signs and symptoms of a life-threatening emergency. They can also help you know how to reduce a fever, assess for the flu, know when it is safe to return to school, and what the rest of the family should do to reduce spreading the virus.
  3. Allergies - Most allergic reactions should be evaluated immediately. If you can upload a good-quality smartphone picture on your intake form, our clinic's providers can review it with you. A telemedicine appointment is great because pictures allow real-time evaluation of the allergy symptoms and help determine the primary cause of the allergic reaction.
  4. Diarrhea - A running stomach can be a serious health concern. The health provider can ask questions about the consistency and the color of a stool while assessing the child, as they can tell a lot about a child's health via visual assessment. Our providers can coach parents or caregivers to perform an exam under observation, providing a better patient experience for the kid. If the medical issue is mild, telemedicine can reduce wait times in the pediatric urgent care clinic, avoid possibly unnecessary testing, and reduce the family's risk of exposure to other communicable diseases.
  5. Rash - Most pediatric office visits are due to rashes. An in-person visit is often unnecessary since pediatricians can identify common rashes via telehealth, especially if you have pictures and can be connected with the doctor on video. After diagnosing the rash, your urgent care pediatrician will recommend the best treatment options.

Pediatric Symptoms That Can't Be Treated by Telemedicine

Pediatric cases where symptoms persist may require a visit to the doctor's office for further testing, diagnosis, and proper treatment. These symptoms may include:

  1. Severe pain: When a child experiences severe pain in any part of the body, it may signify a serious medical condition that requires urgent attention. For example, severe abdominal pain could indicate appendicitis.
  2. Accidents: When a child experiences a fall or an accident where they lose consciousness, they should be taken for an in-person examination to ensure no physical or internal injuries may require further treatment.
  3. Children who require highly specialized care and complex medical conditions such as cancer need treatment from an in-person team of specialists.

Pediatric Urgent Care Centers Near You Are Not The Only Choice

At Care on Location a well-trained medical professional can provide expert pediatric care without visiting a clinic. We have supported caregivers in Denver, Colorado, since 2017 by evaluating children through telemedicine. We accept most insurances, can order tests, x rays, and refer you to a trusted urgent care location if necessary. Telehealth is a way to connect with doctors in a way that doesn't have to compromise quality of care. When you aren't sure if your kid requires more emergent medical help telehealth can help.

Frequently Asked Questions About Telemedicine Pediatric Urgent Care

How long will I have to wait for my visit?

Your appointment time is the time the provider will see you, as long as you have completed check-in

Do you offer after-hour appointments?

Our appointments are available from 9-6 Monday through Friday.

Do you take my insurance?

We take Colorado Medicaid, BCBS, Anthem, Aetna, Cigna, United Healthcare, Tricare, Medicare Part B and United Healthcare/AARP Medical Advantage, Anthem Medicare Advantage, and Aetna Medicare Advantage plans.

We do not accept Medicaid plans outside of Colorado, VA insurance, Bright Health, Cigna Medicare Advantage, or Humana Medicare Advantage plans. For those plans, you can pay the self-pay rate of $69.99.

How much will my visit cost?

Visits are FREE for Colorado Health First and CHP+ members. If you have a copay or a deductible, you will have to pay your contracted rate. For self-pay/sliding fee scale, it will be no more than $69.99. We will collect your copay or self-pay fee via credit card only.

Do you have to live in Denver?

No, we can see any patient as long as they are physically in the state of Colorado at the time of their appointment.

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