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our Beginnings

For years, friends and family would ask our physician founder, Dr. Savage, for advice about where to obtain the best or most appropriate care.  They would ask, “Does a certain complaint require an urgent care or emergency room, or can it wait until a doctor’s appointment is obtained?”

It was through these questions, phone calls, facetime chats, and sidewalk consults that he realized how confusing, frustrating, and expensive the healthcare system was for many people; including those who work in the health field.  Many of these issues were relatively simple to solve, yet required significant time and money to address.  Harnessing nearly 25 years of healthcare experience and filtering that experience through the eyes of the patient, our founder set to work to create a better way to access the healthcare system and improve the experience for patients.

In 2015, the business idea was formed and in 2016, Care on Location was officially born.  Combining on-demand video visits with “house call” style visits and direct access to local health providers.

Mission statement

Providing healthcare that is easier to access, more affordable, and less frustrating is our goal. This goal is centered around embracing the technology of the future, while honoring the medical traditions of the past. We bring ethical and compassionate care directly to patients wherever they are. We’ll maintain our sense of humanity because we have been, are, or will be patients too. Our staff and care partners should be proud of the quality of service they provide. Happy patients, happy providers, happy healthcare!

Who we are

The Care Team

Our urgent care team, made up of doctors, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants, is dedicated to getting and keeping you healthy. We are all trained in the art of “webside manners” in order to create a comfortable and effective experience.  Our care is guided by nationally accepted research based guidelines such as those put out by the Centers for Disease Control, The American Academy of Pediatrics, The Infectious Disease Society of America, and many other leading medical societies.

All of our team members have years of experience in emergency medicine, urgent care, pediatrics, family or internal medicine.  Each team member is board certified in their appropriate field and has been background and license checked to assure that you get quality, safe care. And best of all, we’re all from the Colorado area, giving you a personalized focus you can trust.

To round out our care team, you may also meet some of our great nurses, EMT’s, and medical assistants along the way.

Meet our behind-the-scenes team

Dr. Jonathon Savage Profile Pic

Dr. Jonathon Savage

Founder & CEO

Rachel DixonRachel Dixon

Chief Strategy Officer


Tynan Szvetecz

MVP Developer


Kate Gowell

Legal Counsel
Haugeberg,Reuter, Gowell

Maureen Dube-Savage

Maureen Dube-Savage

Communications & Outreach

Daniel Leman Physician Assistant

Daniel Leman, PA-C

Clinical Lead


Ori Anderson

Graphic Design

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