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Care on Location was founded in 2016 by Dr. Jonathon Savage, DO. We provide telehealth medical care direct to patients and also provide hardware kits to other organizations wishing to add or expand their telehealth services.


Our mission is to provide quality, convenient, and affordable medical care through online video appointments. We designed our business in an intentional way, by putting ourselves in our patients’ shoes - because we all have been or will be patients ourselves. We have witnessed the confusion and frustration of ending up in the ER, sometimes unnecessarily, because people did not know they had other options.

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How Are we Different?

Care on Location is different from the large, national firms providing telehealth, who may not be familiar with where you live. We focus on patient care right here in Colorado, from border to border, so we are your neighbors. This also makes us more familiar with additional resources we can share with you that will supplement your care and be available to you readily. We call this wrap-around care, and it’s similar to a warm blanket wrapped around you to make you feel better. We are not your primary care doctor, but we are in communication with regular medical providers, labs and x-ray centers, and specialists you may need.

Meet Our Team

dr jonathon savage founder of care on location

Led by Dr. Jonathon Savage

Dr. Jonathon Savage, DO, our founder, is a board-certified Emergency Physician who is passionate about using telehealth technology to improve access to quality healthcare. He has many years of experience with telehealth development, service, and policy, and has served (current incoming Chair) on the American Telemedicine Association’s Telehealth Technologies Committee. He grew up in New Jersey, went to college in Miami, Florida, and did his Emergency Medicine Residency at Albert Einstein Medical Center prior to moving to Denver, Colorado, where Care on Location is based. He is licensed in Colorado, Arizona, and Utah.
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