Care on Location is Joining Catalyst Health-Tech Innovation

Catalyst Health-Tech Innovation building Health Tech Innovation

Care on Location is proud to announce that it will be joining the Catalyst HTI community in 2018.  Catalyst will be a rare gem of healthcare innovation and collaboration where established health and wellness companies like Kaiser, the American Diabetes Association, and the American Osteopathic Association will be housed under a single roof with 50+ start-up healthcare companies such as Care on Location.  Catalyst HTI is currently under construction in the River North area of Denver on Brighton Blvd.

We are looking forward to interacting with and being inspired by individuals and companies that have amazing vision and talent.  It is through a combination of innovating, competing, and collaborating that the companies in the this health-focused ecosystem will move our healthcare system forward with both incremental and occasionally drastic change.

Catalyst HTI has been a passion project for Mike Biselli who is well known in the Colorado health innovation scene.  Mike has also been an integral part of Prime Health and served on its board of directors.  His ability to bring large companies from a diverse array of fields to the table to work with early-stage companies has been impressive. The opening of Catalyst will codify his abilities into a single physical space that will have an effect beyond that space on the entire region and potentially on the entire country.

Care on Location, looks to bring its digital health platform which connects the dots between telemedicine providers and in-person clinicians to Catalyst to help build out a more efficient, more connected, healthcare environment that is good for patients and good for providers.